It feels like we’re only just over the festive season – and suddenly Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Hitting the shops can be tough on the wallet, which means that many people find themselves racking up credit card debts. Rather than take the interest hit, why not consider cashing in collectibles with a certified luxury pawnbroker? Based in London, Prestige Pawnbrokers offers cash loans against a myriad of valuable items, including collectibles.
Maximise your gift shopping budget
We’re committed to offering all our clients the fairest and most lucrative cash loans on their items. This means that we offer up to three times more cash than other lenders. When you deal with us, you enjoy the total peace of mind that you’re receiving every penny you’re entitled to. How you choose to spend the cash is up to you!
Keep your prized collectibles
For shoppers who want to raise cash fast yet still hang onto their prized collectibles, our loans are ideal. We’ll have our in-house team of valuers place a price tag on your items, then offer you cash accordingly. When your bank balance is replenished, simply pay us back the agreed amount and we’ll hand them over. This allows you to boost your funds without having to sacrifice the collections you love.
If you choose to redeem the loan before the end of the term, we charge zero early redemption/exit fees. Plus, we only charge interest on the period you’ve borrowed, which means you’ll never be slapped with unfair fees.
What do we accept?
At Prestige we pride ourselves on the incredibly diverse range of items that we pawn. When it comes to collectibles we live and breathe this philosophy. From jewellery, watches, gold, art, designer handbags, antiques, fine wine, china, rare stamps, coins, books and even cars, you can bet that we’ll be interested.
Ready to augment your gift shopping budget? Give us a call today to chat about how our collectibles pawn broking services can have you cashed up in no time.
Alternatively, if you’re in search of the perfect Valentine’s gift for a loved one who just seems to have everything, why not check out our extensive range of collectibles available to purchase from the Prestige Pawnbrokers e-store? We’ve put together digital collection of our favourite pieces in the eStore, all at prices that your budget will love.