Pawnbrokers buy luxury and sports cars

Prestige Pawnbrokers buys you luxury or sports cars and loans against your jewellery, watches, gold, cars and logbooks, art, designer handbags, antiques, fine wine, cherished plates, rare stamps, coins, rare books & other collectables.

As a trusted, long established high street pawnbrokers, We can offer instant cash for luxury and sports cars

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Get instant cash fast for your assets or loan against them

Simply call one of Prestige Pawnbrokers’ trusted car buyers freephone on 0800 917 6894 or apply online. We will assess your vehicle and offer you a cash based on its underlying value.

Our highly experienced team of car buyers are expert in the appraisal of all types of vehicles, prestige and classic cars. We have a vast knowledge in the current market for all cars of quality.

Once you have accepted the offer from Prestige Pawnbrokers we can instantly pay you in cash or pay you via other pre arranged method.

Fill in a few brief details and we will be in touch within an hour during office hours.