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All That Glitters is Gold

  As Led Zeppelin famously crooned, “all that glitters is gold.” At Prestige Pawnbrokers we can’t get enough of this gorgeous, gleaming metal that never loses its enduring appeal. When it comes to gold jewellery pieces are often steeped in sentimentality. This means that owners are usually reluctant to part with their prized accessories. Lucky

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Prestige Pawnbroker review

Cash-poor-asset-rich? Pawnbrokers in Weybridge? The word brings to mind a rather dingy, Dickensian world, doesn’t it? But Prestige Pawnbrokers in Queen’s Road is not like that. It’s clean, professional, airy – more like a bank or a building society office.   Which is exactly the point. In the modern world, where cash-poor-asset-rich individuals and small

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Prestige Pawnbrokers Birthday

TREASURE CHEST   PRESTIGE PAWNBROKERS FIRST BIRTHDAY   One of the perks of the pawnbroking business must be the fact that you spend a lot of time dealing with fascinating and attractive objects. The old traditionals of jewellery and watches are still there, of course, but it is amazing what people can use to raise

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