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Sell your designer handbags

Sell your designer handbags

Prestige Pawnbrokers buys your luxury watches, jewellerydesigner handbags, coins, gold, collectables, cherished plates.  As a trusted, long established high street pawnbrokers, we can offer instant cash for your goods.


Need to raise cash fast but can’t get a high street loan why not sell your designer handbags? Simply call one of Prestige Pawnbrokers’ trusted buyers free on 0800 917 6894 who will assess your designer handbags over the telephone and instantly offer you a cash price based on their underlying value.


Alternatively if you would like to keep your designer handbags then you can loan against your designer handbags


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Or bring your designer handbags to us and we’ll make you an immediate cash purchase offer or by posting your items to us free of charge including free insurance, by requesting a Royal Mail Freepost bag be sent to you.


Disclaimer: Counterfeit items or forgeries may be presented to trading standards in an effort to clamp down on fraud. Prestige Pawnbrokers will not be held responsible for any action trading standards may take in relation to counterfeit goods.


How It Works


  1. Call free on: 0800 917 6894 or bring or post your designer handbags to us
  2. Upon receipt one our experts will value your designer handbags
  3. A cash offer will be made to you instantly
  4. Accept offer and we can immediately give you cash – no waiting

Designer handbags we buy and you can can sell



You can sell your Chanel handbags, Hermès Handbags, Louis Vuitton handbags, Mulberry handbags, Prada Handbags, Gucci Handbags, Miu Miu Handbags, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana Handbags D&G, Celine Handbags and many others.

Are you thinking where can I safely and quickly sell my designer handbags

Prestige Pawnbrokers’ highly experienced team of buyers are expert in the appraisal of all designer handbags.
Once you have accepted a purchase offer from Prestige Pawnbrokers we can instantly pay you in cash or pay you via other pre arranged method.


“Prestige Pawnbrokers can offer you a cash price based on your designer handbags highest market value. We are a trusted long established high street Pawnbroker.”


Call Prestige Pawnbrokers to sell your designer handbags


To get an instant cash for your designer handbags today!


Call us free in confidence on: 0800 917 6894 Now!

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Prestige Pawnbrokers – The original prime time POSH PAWN Channel 4 TV show.
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