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Pawnbroker loans against: Art Watches Gold Jewellery antiques Cars Logbooks Wine Handbags Cherished Plates


Pawnbrokers provide loans against your jewellery,watches, cars, art, property, antiques, gold, fine wine, designer handbags, gemstones, cherished plates & other collectables.


As a trusted, long established high street pawnbrokers, we can give you up to three times more cash than other lenders.


Pawnbroking is a service (pawnshop or pawn shop) that offers secured loans to people, with items of personal property used as collateral.


“Prestige Pawnbrokers can immediately offer you a cash loan based on your item’s highest market value. We can offer up to three times more cash than other lenders.”
When pawning your item(s) there are no credit checks so you can get an instant cash loan immediately you have received a valuation for your item(s). This is known as ‘pledging’ (to pledge) your goods against the loan – sometimes known in the business as asset lending (asset loan).


Each transaction is for a standard seven month period the borrower may redeem the loan (pay back) anytime during this period with no early repayment penalties. If the client does not redeem the pledge within the seven month contractual period, the pawnbroker may sell the item pledged.


Under normal circumstances, the pawnbroker would much rather the item be collected and the loan paid, to enable the customer to borrow against that item in the future.


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