Hugh Watchorn

“The outside looking in…”

My name is Hugh Watchorn, and I am a career Finance Director / CFO.  I get a real buzz from working closely with the management teams in medium sized, fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses.  Posh Pawn is very much in that space.  I work with the team there: so, close but not so close.  I am no expert on Rolex Watches (aside from knowing that I would love one) or Chanel Handbags, but I do know a little about companies and business.  I have over 30 years’ experience in helping manage companies.

So, what to make of Posh Pawn?  Loved the TV show.  Six seasons, a great success.  What I think made it so successful was the people – the clients looking for a loan; or to sell or buy a lux item, and the Prestige team headed up by the inimitable Mr James Constantinou.  The day to day reality is a little different of course; but the new Guildford store creates quite a bit of the theatre that the TV show brought to our screens: urban art, vintage American motorbikes, antique furniture and all the diamonds, gold and handbags that an A-lister could ever want.  And in amongst all that the professional friendly team listening to and looking after our clients.  Without wishing to state the blooming obvious: selling a Patek is a very different thing to a client pawning a very personal object for a loan that is desperately needed.

Needless to say, I see the team handling both situations fantastically well– on the one hand offering the Patek buyer the expertise required when buying such a prestigious item; on the other offering a listening ear to the client who is about to pawn a very loved possession.

The teams across all the Posh Pawn stores offer the same high level of sympatico and professional expertise as Guildford of course, and, as new stores open – Richmond, Manchester and the City of London in the coming months – their visual style and panache will replicate that of Guildford.


All in all, quite a business then…