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Pawnbroking, Painting and Powerful Profits.



Thought pawnbroking was limited to second-hand electronics, shabby antiques and lacklustre heirlooms? Think again! At Prestige Pawnbrokers we’ve reimagined the art of pawnbroking as a high-end profession that provides a superlative service to well-heeled individuals who are momentarily strapped for cash. This means that on a daily basis, we are inundated with luxury items. Designer handbags? Check! Luxury automobiles? Check! Dazzling diamonds check! Masterpieces from some of the world’s most illustrious artists? Check, check and check!


Our approach to fine art


As well as being an aesthetic accessory, art is a timeless investment that’s exceptionally good at retaining its value. This makes it a popular choice with prosperous individuals in search of assets that don’t depreciate. In fact, art generally gets more valuable with age! This means that when affluent investors find themselves strapped for cash, pawning art is a great way to replenish funds. And for thrifty art buffs in search of deals, purchasing via high-end pawnbrokers is a great way to augment collections.


Fine art at Prestige Pawnbrokers HQ


Our team boasts experience in a myriad of different sectors, with fine art one of our main shared interests. So when this Andy Warhol original arrived on our doorsteps we couldn’t contain our excitement! Featuring the iconic Campbell’s ‘Vegetable Beef Soup’ label image, the framed artwork is sure to generate excitement from any fan of contemporary art. With a price tag of £1,850, this is a fantastic opportunity for art aficionados to snap up a signed Andy Warhol original for a serious deal. As well as being scrutinized by our in-house team of art experts, the work is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. This means the buyer can rest assured that they’re receiving a genuine signed original from the most iconic pop art master on the planet. Showcase it in your own home, or wrap it up for the perfect gift for the person who has everything.



As well as this signed Andy Warhol, the Prestige Pawnbrokers online store is brimming with other fine artworks from a myriad of international talent. Check out the site and start browsing today. Our art archives are currently graced with works from a legion of talent, with Barry Castle’s 1987 ‘A Voice and Little Else,’ Richard Maury’s ‘Bowl of Fruit,’ Jamphel Yeshi’s ‘Burning Man Tibetan Protestor’ and Frances Broomfield’s ‘King George VI at Wimbledon’ some of the standout showstoppers.


Introducing the Manchester Prestige Pawnbrokers Team


After firmly cementing itself as London’s go-to high end pawn shop, Prestige Pawnbrokers has set its sights on Manchester.  The team is gearing up to welcome well-heeled Brits with luxury items to pawn. Fronting the store is a cherry picked team of pawn stars, as selected by James Constantinou himself. Here’s a glimpse at who you’ll encounter if you drop by to say hi.


Catherine Lloyd


As 2013’s North West Professional Business Woman of the Year, Catherine knows a thing or two about cutting a good deal. She’s got years of experience working the prestigious high end luxury market, with a weakness for diamond jewellery and the detective work that goes hand in hand with delving into the history of items. She’s passionate about exceptional customer service, and as a mum of five and gran daughter to one, she’s one busy lady! In her spare time you’ll find her dancing up a storm, blasting her favourite tunes, hitting up the cinema and of course, treating herself to good food and wine.

Ben Martin


Originally from Bolton, Ben’s been in the pawn business for over five years. He’s got a hunger for high end horology, particularly when it comes to prestigious brands. His love for four legged felines has earned him the label of ‘crazy cat man,’ although he predicts that after a month or two of handling designed handbags this could change to the ‘crazy bag man.’ When he’s not valuing haute watches, handbags and diamonds, he loves to indulge his other favourite past time – eating!

Howard Pace


From a 21-year-old jewellery apprentice to the newest member of the Prestige Pawnbrokers team, Howard lives and breathes high end pawn. He’s a lifelong lover of precious gemstones, jewellery and watches, with a wealth of experience selling loose diamonds and gems of all shapes and sizes. He backs his passion with FGA & DGA gemstone qualification titles from Birmingham’s School of Jewellery, and is looking forward to expanding his knowledge with the Prestige Pawnbrokers team. A politics enthusiast, current affairs aficionado and self-confessed social butterfly, Howard’s idea of a perfect day out is a walk in the countryside followed by a drink with friends, a hearty meal and great conversation.


Want to know more about the latest branch? Stay tuned for more introductions to the Manchester Prestige Pawnbrokers team!

Introducing the Posh Pawn Team – Michael Wormack



If you’re an avid follower of our blog (which you most definitely should be) you’ll already be familiar with some of the Prestige Pawnbrokers team members. Hailing from different countries, backgrounds and professions, our tight knit team is what keeps the business running like clockwork. And of course, they all play an integral role in ensuring that Prestige retains its status as London’s number one pawn broking shop for high end items. One team member we haven’t had a chance to introduce yet is the hugely talented Mr. Michael Wormack.


A man of gems, diamonds and artwork


With over 12 years of experience working in the jewellery, arts, and antiques industries, Michael is one of our most valuable employees. And it’s not just because he deals with some of our priciest pawned goods. He’s always up for a chat, loves to interact with customers and has seriously impressive knowledge when it comes to all things that bling.


During the first six years of his career Michael flitted between Cambridge, London and Farnham, working closely with private art galleries, institutions and jewelers along the way. Eventually he found himself infatuated with the idea of pawnbroking, a passion that’s held his attention for over six years now. You could call him something of an industry vet!


From rookie to representative


He gradually progressed through the industry, working his way up to high end deals that involve some of London’s priciest possessions. Today he holds the position of London Ambassador for the National Pawnbrokers Association. Quite the accomplishment. He’s one of the city’s most esteemed jewellery and art professionals, is a gemmologist and is also highly skilled in valuing diamonds and fine works of art.


When he’s not valuing preloved items Michael loves to indulge his strong interests in art, art history and all things aesthetic. Much of his spare time is spent in museums, galleries and places of cultural or historical interest. Sure, this is a personal interest but even Michael admits that it’s where his fascination with preowned luxury goods began.


Want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes at Prestige Pawnbrokers? Check back to our blog regularly as we’re always posting updates about team members, e-store items, episode sneak peeks and other exclusive content that can only be found online.

New Season Posh Pawn Heats Up with Episode 3


Having just thrown open the doors of its brand spanking new Manchester branch, 2016 certainly isn’t shaping up to be a slow one for the Prestige Pawnbrokers team. We’re already two episodes in to the latest Posh Pawn series, with episode 3 set to hit screens across the nation this evening.


James gets behind the wheel


As usual, James finds himself dabbling in yet another seriously luxe sports car. Only this isn’t your average set of sleek. Streamlined wheels. No, this sports car has undergone some pretty impressive modifications, which has left it with an eye watering price tag of £85,000. At least that’s the price James puts on it. Will the owner accept, or will he be unable to part with his beloved ride? You’ll have to watch to find out!


Claudia finds herself up to her neck in designer handbags


Next up, in-house designer handbag expert and self-confessed luxury brand addict Claudia heads to Germany. Her mission? To put a price tag on a large collection of bags owned by a former New York socialite. From Fifth Avenue to Rodeo Drive, she’s got high end handbags from across the globe. Needless to say, this episode is overflowing with sumptuously soft leather, lustrous buckles and silk linings.


From jewellery fiend to gym bunny


For those who love a bit of eye candy, the Posh Pawn team also cuts a deal with a female bodybuilder. With an impressive collection of luxury jewellery up her sleeve, she’s interested in selling up in order to fund her new hobby. As expected, Prestige’s in-house team of gold, diamond and gemstone experts jumped at the chance to get their hands on this glittering collection.


Vintage vino with a price tag to match


The action doesn’t stop here, with Posh Pawn HQ welcoming a golf fanatic with a passion for fine wines. In a bid to secure himself some extra cash, he’s flirting with the idea of pawning a case of fine wine. Vintage vino can fetch lucrative price tags, and the Prestige team are more than up for the challenge of valuing his collection.


As usual, the latest episode of Posh Pawn is packed full of quirky characters, high end items and of course, plenty of laughs. Don’t miss it, and remember to stay tuned over the next few weeks as James and the team have plenty more pawn star action in store!

Say ‘I Love You’ This Valentine’s Day with Posh Pawn’s Collection

Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is on its way and for sweethearts across the UK, February 14th means one thing – it’s time to hit the shops! Finding the perfect gift can be a headache, not to mention finding the cash to splurge on a luxury gift that screams adoration. Luckily for lovebirds, we’ve got V-Day sorted with a gorgeous collection of extravagant gifts even Cupid would approve of – all cherrypicked by our in-house team of pawn stars.


And the best thing is, as pre-loved pieces in top notch condition, you’ll receive a luxury item for a fraction of its RRP. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favourite steals from the Prestige Pawnbrokers Valentine’s Day collection


  • Nothing says ‘I love you darling’ quite like Chanel. Sleek, sexy and oh so chic, this beautiful Jumbo Classic handbag is crafted with a luxurious quilted lambskin, set off with the iconic CC emblem lock and a stunning burgundy interior.


  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and on Valentine’s Day this saying has never been truer. This flawless sparkling 5.30ct rock will have your lovely lady head over heels from the minute she opens the box. The immaculate white gold mounting showcases the diamond in all its glory, set upon an expertly crafted solid white gold ring. Definitely one for gents looking to splurge this Valentine’s Day. Or perhaps even propose!


  • Combining classic design and brilliant cut diamonds, this Maurice Lacroix His & Hers 18ct gold watch set is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for both of you. The watches are in mint condition, with the original box and paperwork. All you need to do is wrap them up, pen a sentimental love letter and present your beloved with a gift that’s both practical and romantic.


What to do with your savings?

Now that you’ve figured out how to save bigtime on your Valentine’s Day budget, the next question is what to do with all the extra cash? If you ask us, splurging on your darling gal or guy is the way to go. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a night out on the town, a bouquet of roses or something memorable like a hot air balloon ride or a ticket to that show they’ve been dying to see, your lover is guaranteed to love the treat.


For even more Valentine’s Day ideas be sure to check out our curated collection of luxury items in the eStore.


Exclusive Preview of Episode 2



Last week we had our first insight into the world of high end pawnbroking this year, and episode two is about to get even more exciting. Channel 4’s documentary Posh Pawn follows pawnbroker James Constantinou and his team of valuation experts at Prestige. It gives a hidden glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous and takes viewers all around the world in the name of pawn.


Are you hooked on the new series already? We’ve got an exclusive preview of what’s in store for episode two, so read on to find out before anyone else.


James jets off to Ibiza

This episode sees Prestige Founder James jet off to Ibiza for a mini-holiday – with some work involved, of course. He’s been asked to check out a luxury speedboat which is worth a whopping £100,000 – but you’ll have to tune in to find out if a loan is agreed.


Diamonds are forever?

While James is taking time out on the famous party island, he also has the chance to appraise a diamond ring. There seems to be something extra special about this rock, as he gets rather hot under the collar!


Lawrence’s boxing memorabilia

Lawrence is the company’s memorabilia expert, and this week he has the task of valuing some impressive boxing collectables. Is episode two the one where Lawrence is finally set a heavyweight challenge he can’t claim victory over?


Claudia’s purse

Claudia, James’ stunning fiancée, has sadly been left behind on the trip to Ibiza. But nevertheless she has her own adventure when she’s confronted with her own purse from yesteryear. As a luxury handbag expert, she knows her stuff but even an experienced pawnbroker such as Claudia has to do some research on this one. It’s time for the designer handbag pro to brush up on some history.


This is just a little sneak preview into some of the stunning items that make their way through the doors of Posh Pawn in episode two. Even though this season has only just begun, we can tell it’s going to be one of the best yet. From luxury cars and yachts to some of the world’s most dazzling diamonds and gems, Posh Pawn is addictive for anyone with a taste of the finer things in life.


Tune in this Wednesday to catch all the action and find out how much the designer purse and mysterious diamond ring is worth.


Trading Collectibles for Cupid



It feels like we’re only just over the festive season – and suddenly Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Hitting the shops can be tough on the wallet, which means that many people find themselves racking up credit card debts. Rather than take the interest hit, why not consider cashing in collectibles with a certified luxury pawnbroker? Based in London, Prestige Pawnbrokers offers cash loans against a myriad of valuable items, including collectibles.


Maximise your gift shopping budget


We’re committed to offering all our clients the fairest and most lucrative cash loans on their items. This means that we offer up to three times more cash than other lenders. When you deal with us, you enjoy the total peace of mind that you’re receiving every penny you’re entitled to. How you choose to spend the cash is up to you!


Keep your prized collectibles


For shoppers who want to raise cash fast yet still hang onto their prized collectibles, our loans are ideal. We’ll have our in-house team of valuers place a price tag on your items, then offer you cash accordingly. When your bank balance is replenished, simply pay us back the agreed amount and we’ll hand them over. This allows you to boost your funds without having to sacrifice the collections you love.


If you choose to redeem the loan before the end of the term, we charge zero early redemption/exit fees. Plus, we only charge interest on the period you’ve borrowed, which means you’ll never be slapped with unfair fees.


What do we accept?


At Prestige we pride ourselves on the incredibly diverse range of items that we pawn. When it comes to collectibles we live and breathe this philosophy. From jewellery, watches, gold, art, designer handbags, antiques, fine wine, china, rare stamps, coins, books and even cars, you can bet that we’ll be interested.


Ready to augment your gift shopping budget? Give us a call today to chat about how our collectibles pawn broking services can have you cashed up in no time.


Alternatively, if you’re in search of the perfect Valentine’s gift for a loved one who just seems to have everything, why not check out our extensive range of collectibles available to purchase from the Prestige Pawnbrokers e-store? We’ve put together digital collection of our favourite pieces in the eStore, all at prices that your budget will love.



PoshPawn Set to Return to UK Screens



Pawn addicts prepare! The UK’s favourite reality TV show is back, and this year the Posh Pawn team has some big surprises up its sleeve. Come February 3, James Constantinou and his team of self-confessed pawn stars will return for an all-new series that’s bigger, better and posher than ever. Channel 4 will be the station to tune into at 8pm on Wednesday nights, with Constantinou promising to serve up unmissable entertainment. Whether you can wear it, drive it, sail it, polish it or play it, Posh Pawn deals in it!


Prestige Pawnbrokers throws open its doors for another season


Since launching, Brits have been hooked on the show that unlocks behind the scenes access to the world of haute pawn. Cameras follow the team’s every move as they value high end items, call in the help of industry experts and deal with some seriously well-heeled clients. Not only does it showcase assets but the show also delves into the stories of their owners. From ex beauty queens to aspiring entrepreneurs, the latest series of Posh Pawn is sure to be peppered with a myriad of quirky characters.


The team returns for more top notch pawn


Right-hand woman Jo will join James in a managerial role, overseeing day to day operations and ensuring that everything’s in check. As well as last season’s experts such as memorabilia expert Lawrence and deal hunter Patrick, the new Posh Pawn series will also introduce viewers to a handful of new stars. Catherine, Ben and Howard will all join the Prestige Pawnbrokers team in 2016, bringing a wealth of expertise to Prestige Pawnbrokers Manchester.


So what’s in store for episode one? James gets his hands on a collection of ultra-rare items that are were allegedly owned by world famous Arctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton. While some people believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, an eccentric Soho celebrity decides to sell her collection of vintage Chanel handbags in a bid to finance her latest Botox procedure, as well as a shiny new bathroom.


Of course, a Posh Pawn episode wouldn’t be complete without some supercharged turbo action. James taking Jo out for a spin in a client’s luxurious Porsche is a not to be missed moment for any fan of German engineered supercars. While the ride is wild, the £35,000 loan could be on the rocks after James discovers a problem…


What happens next? You’ll have to tune in to find out!



Rolex Range Puts Prestige Pawnbrokers at Forefront of Haute Horology



Flaunted on the wrists of the rich, famous and well-heeled, Rolex timepieces are the epitome of haute horology. As the UK’s leading high end pawnbroker, you can bet that we’ve seen our fair share of these masterpieces over the past few years.


So what sets Rolex apart from the crowd?


When manufacturing these masterpieces, Rolex artisans use expensive and difficult to machine 904L steel that facilitates an ultra-luxurious aesthetic. Thanks to the existence of its own in-house science lab, the company is able to develop cutting edge innovations that keep it at the vanguard of high end horology. With all movements hand-assembled and individually tested, every timepiece that leaves the Rolex lab is flawless. All gold featured in the Rolex collection is crafted in the in-house foundry where 24 carat metal is turned into the brand’s hallmark 18k yellow, white, or Everose gold.


When it comes to technology Rolex is an unrivalled leader, with the brand leveraging next generation advancements to keep its timepieces utterly up to the minute. Several of its facilities are equipped with robotic help, including the master supply room. Here towering columns of parts are attended to by custom robots that assist watchmakers in retrieving parts.


Now we’ve got you drooling over the Rolex manufacturing process, let’s take a look at one of the latest additions to the inventory…


Shining the spotlight on the Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II


At Prestige Pawnbrokers we live and breathe high-end horology. After all, London is home to some of the most luxurious watches in the country! So when this stunner waltzed through our doors we couldn’t resist showing it off.


Inspired by the elegance and precision of the aviation industry, the ‘tougher than steel’ GMT Master II features a Cerachrom bezel, two-time-zone design and an arrow tipped 24-hour hand. Plus it’s resistant to scratches which makes it ideal for those living on the edge. The price tag of £4,495.00 reflects its exclusivity as a timepiece that’s utterly exceptional. This baby has been fully checked, cleaned, polished and certified by one of our in-house timepiece experts which means buyers enjoy the total peace of mind  that they’re investing in a quality accessory with the Prestige Pawnbrokers stamp of approval.


Want to get your hands on a luxury time piece for a fraction of the high street cost? Check out our full collection of high-end watches today!


Four Reasons Fine Wine is a Fantastic Investment Idea



Thought splashing out on a well-aged bottle of wine was a luxury reserved for special occasions? Think again! Sure, uncorking a vintage gem is a wonderful way to celebrate- however the savvy businesspeople of the world also know that fine wine can be a fantastic investment idea. Why? Read on for our list of four reasons why fine wine is always a worthwhile venture.


Luxury palates of the Far East


While Europe may still be feeling the aftermath of the credit crunch, the upper class Middle East demographic has a healthy appetite for the fine things in life. Unsurprisingly, this includes fine wine!


Cheers to China


Another market that’s guaranteed to be enamoured by fine wine collections is China. Despite changing economic conditions, the nation’s well-heeled consumers retain their appetite for luxury goods. Avery Booker, partner at China Luxury Advisors explains, “The stock market fluctuations are unlikely to have a significant impact on luxury consumption. Chinese consumers generally see the Chinese stock market as a casino, and don’t adjust their purchases of consumer goods based on its ups and downs.” Wealth-X’s Mr Friedman agrees, stating, “For the ultra-affluent Chinese consumer, these market gyrations combined with the geo-political uncertainties have accelerated the push to extricate their currency from the Chinese economy. This will mostly manifest itself in luxury residential real estate but that impulse will spill over into other luxury purchases as well.”


UK ups its security ante


In 2011 The Telegraph reported that “Fine wine investment fraud is the latest in a long list of scams and frauds costing UK consumers over £38bn a year, according to the National Fraud Authority.” A lot has changed in the past four years. Today there are stringent measures in place to prevent fraud which means fine wine investors enjoy augmented peace of mind that their assets are genuine.


An investment that gets better with age


When it comes to wine, the older the better. Unlike other assets that deteriorate in value with age, you can rest assured that mature wine simply gets more valuable with time.


Have you got a collection of fine wine just waiting to be appraised? Why not get in touch with one of our expert vino valuers for a quote on how much cash your inventory could secure? From single bottles to expansive collections, we’ll toast to everything from Lafite Rothschild, Latour, Leoville Las Cases, Petrus from Pomerol, Margaux, Talbot, Haut Brion, Palmer, Ch. d’Yquem, Penfolds Grange, Screaming Eagle and many more. If you’re thinking of taking out a personal loan on a fine wine collection, get in touch with Prestige Pawnbrokers today.

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