Our very own James Constantinou offers his expertise in understanding the value of these collector’s items in the Daily Mirror.

The Queen’s death means that a rise in stamp value is all but inevitable, from the most common to the most valuable.

James explained: “With the death of Queen Elizabeth II avid collectors of Royal memorabilia and associated artefacts are expecting to see a rise on their investments.

“The Royal link with Commonwealth as well as Empire and the subsequent manufacture of associated commemorative items gives collectors a wide range of rare and wonderful items to invest in from around the globe.”

Of course, stamps that feature the Queen will be more valuable than any other.

James continued: “Royal stamps depicting Queen Elizabeth II will be most sought after and serious Philatelists will be searching for future growth in terms of their investment.

Read the full article here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/most-rare-valuable-queen-elizabeth-27979616.amp

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