Is Cartier’s Love Ring REALLY worth £1,080? Expert unpicks TikTok claim that the cult piece only contains £115 worth of gold!

Savannah Mukeshi went viral on TikTok when she had her Cartier ring valued…

Our very own founder James Constantinou gives his comments on this Daily Mail Story:

Jewellery expert James Constantinou rubbished the claims – and says you can’t overlook the value of the designer name.

Shedding light on the designer’s eyewatering price tags, the expert – who founded Prestige Pawnbrokers – said: ‘When you put the stamp Cartier onto something, it’s more to do with the brand and nothing to do with the weight of the gold or the jewels within it.

‘This shop is merely weighing the gold value without a proper understanding of leading brand names which have much more value in the secondary market. They are weighing a Cartier ring in the same way as any other gold ring.

‘The same would apply for other leading brands such as Tiffany, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels where you pay for craftmanship and brand name. Ignoring the weight, the quality is far more superior from these leading brands.’

Referencing how Cartier is ‘easily resold’, James said that Cartier owners can expect to get ’50 to 70 per cent of the original price back’ if they choose to sell.

He continued: ‘As soon as an item has a certified branded stamp, the value immediately goes up. [Ignore the weight and take into] consideration the craftmanship and quality material used.’

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