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Introducing the Posh Pawn Team – Michael Wormack

Introducing the Posh Pawn Team – Michael Wormack



If you’re an avid follower of our blog (which you most definitely should be) you’ll already be familiar with some of the Prestige Pawnbrokers team members. Hailing from different countries, backgrounds and professions, our tight knit team is what keeps the business running like clockwork. And of course, they all play an integral role in ensuring that Prestige retains its status as London’s number one pawn broking shop for high end items. One team member we haven’t had a chance to introduce yet is the hugely talented Mr. Michael Wormack.


A man of gems, diamonds and artwork


With over 12 years of experience working in the jewellery, arts, and antiques industries, Michael is one of our most valuable employees. And it’s not just because he deals with some of our priciest pawned goods. He’s always up for a chat, loves to interact with customers and has seriously impressive knowledge when it comes to all things that bling.


During the first six years of his career Michael flitted between Cambridge, London and Farnham, working closely with private art galleries, institutions and jewelers along the way. Eventually he found himself infatuated with the idea of pawnbroking, a passion that’s held his attention for over six years now. You could call him something of an industry vet!


From rookie to representative


He gradually progressed through the industry, working his way up to high end deals that involve some of London’s priciest possessions. Today he holds the position of London Ambassador for the National Pawnbrokers Association. Quite the accomplishment. He’s one of the city’s most esteemed jewellery and art professionals, is a gemmologist and is also highly skilled in valuing diamonds and fine works of art.


When he’s not valuing preloved items Michael loves to indulge his strong interests in art, art history and all things aesthetic. Much of his spare time is spent in museums, galleries and places of cultural or historical interest. Sure, this is a personal interest but even Michael admits that it’s where his fascination with preowned luxury goods began.


Want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes at Prestige Pawnbrokers? Check back to our blog regularly as we’re always posting updates about team members, e-store items, episode sneak peeks and other exclusive content that can only be found online.

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