After firmly cementing itself as London’s go-to high end pawn shop, Prestige Pawnbrokers has set its sights on Manchester.  The team is gearing up to welcome well-heeled Brits with luxury items to pawn. Fronting the store is a cherry picked team of pawn stars, as selected by James Constantinou himself. Here’s a glimpse at who you’ll encounter if you drop by to say hi.
Catherine Lloyd
As 2013’s North West Professional Business Woman of the Year, Catherine knows a thing or two about cutting a good deal. She’s got years of experience working the prestigious high end luxury market, with a weakness for diamond jewellery and the detective work that goes hand in hand with delving into the history of items. She’s passionate about exceptional customer service, and as a mum of five and gran daughter to one, she’s one busy lady! In her spare time you’ll find her dancing up a storm, blasting her favourite tunes, hitting up the cinema and of course, treating herself to good food and wine.

Ben Martin

Originally from Bolton, Ben’s been in the pawn business for over five years. He’s got a hunger for high end horology, particularly when it comes to prestigious brands. His love for four legged felines has earned him the label of ‘crazy cat man,’ although he predicts that after a month or two of handling designed handbags this could change to the ‘crazy bag man.’ When he’s not valuing haute watches, handbags and diamonds, he loves to indulge his other favourite past time – eating!

Howard Pace

From a 21-year-old jewellery apprentice to the newest member of the Prestige Pawnbrokers team, Howard lives and breathes high end pawn. He’s a lifelong lover of precious gemstones, jewellery and watches, with a wealth of experience selling loose diamonds and gems of all shapes and sizes. He backs his passion with FGA & DGA gemstone qualification titles from Birmingham’s School of Jewellery, and is looking forward to expanding his knowledge with the Prestige Pawnbrokers team. A politics enthusiast, current affairs aficionado and self-confessed social butterfly, Howard’s idea of a perfect day out is a walk in the countryside followed by a drink with friends, a hearty meal and great conversation.
Want to know more about the latest branch? Stay tuned for more introductions to the Manchester Prestige Pawnbrokers team!