Jewellery can be extremely personal, so making the decision to sell it on can be personal too. There are a variety of reasons as to why you might be considering selling but making up your mind is never easy. Let us help you decide whether it’s time to sell.

The price of precious metals has increased

The prices of precious metals like gold, have significantly increased over the past 10 years. Now many people are realising how much money they could earn by selling their old jewellery. This can provide a sizable return on a previous, unusable investment.

Jewellery has lost its lustre and appeal

Jewellery was once more often than not, a family heirloom but it is now regularly mass-produced. Melee diamonds are small, inexpensive diamonds that make buying a tennis bracelet, a pair of studs, or a heart necklace more affordable.

Inherited or passed-down objects often have a rare, intangible value that cannot be priced. But other unwanted items may be used to fund a child’s university education or a trip away.

Your relationship has ended

Divorce and broken engagements are one of the most common reasons people decide to sell their jewellery. Thankfully there is no longer stigma attached to selling engagement rings or anniversary tennis bracelets.

You can’t wear your jewellery anymore

Your gold earrings may have bent, your silver chain has tangled, or your platinum ring has been scratched all over. Even if your jewellery can be repaired, it can be costly and not worth the time or effort if it has no sentimental value.

It’s also possible that your jewellery isn’t as trendy as it once was. It’s tough to find a market for dated jewellery, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to sell it. Luckily here at Prestige, we’ll buy any gold, silver, or platinum, regardless of condition or appearance.

Your unwanted jewellery is gathering dust

Broken and damaged jewellery isn’t the only thing that can be a burden. Gold jewellery can get lost in the shuffle and simply become forgotten. It could be because you hate the style, it could be because it no longer suits any of your clothes, or it could be because you don’t recall ever owning it. 

If that’s the case, you should probably sell your gold. This is a great way to clear out unwanted clutter and make money at the same time.

You want to raise finance

Alternatively you may want to raise finance by securing a short-term loan against your jewellery. Prestige can help with loans ranging from one day to seven months in length – speak to our advisors today to find out what we can offer.

Whatever your reason for selling your jewellery, Prestige Pawnbrokers can help!
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