Handbags are an inherently personal purchase, and selling them on is never an easy decision to make. You surely remember the satisfaction of saving up and finally getting your hands on a Birkin or Chanel, so how would you say your goodbyes? On the other hand, once a new bag catches your eye, it can be difficult to resist the temptation to purchase it. Let us help you decide whether it’s time to sell.

It no longer brings you joy
If the thought of selling a bag doesn’t fill you with dread and regret then it might be time to let it go. Your possessions should bring you joy and a bag that doesn’t is just taking up space, space that could be taken up by a bag that you love.

Your style has changed
Our style is constantly changing and sometimes a bag that once went with your wardrobe, might no longer. Instead of letting your bag gather dust in your closet, sell it on so another person can enjoy it and so you can finance a new purchase.

Cash is more valuable to you
If you aren’t too attached to your bag and other things are more important to you, this is a great reason to sell. With the cash you earn you could fund new endeavours, such as a new car, home, or other investment opportunity.

You want to make space for newer releases
Selling your bag will help you make way for others that you can add to your collection. If you find that there is a bag in your collection that you don’t often wear, this is a great reason to sell it. If you are a passionate collector, then you’ll always have your eyes on your next purchase.

It’s not to your taste
Although not all of us have the luck of being gifted luxury handbags, if you have been given a bag you don’t like, this is a great reason to sell. Feel free to wear it a few times so your friend notices before you sell it. If the question of its whereabouts arises, there’s nothing wrong with telling a white lie.

You want to raise finance

Alternatively you may wish to raise finance by securing a short-term loan against your bag. Prestige can help with loans ranging from one day to seven months in length – speak to our advisors today to find out what we can offer.

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