aquamarine ringOur in house expert gemologist Alexandra Michell as featured in Channel 4’s Posh Pawn documentary comments in the Daily Express. In this article Alexandra told the Express Online:

“This stunning aquamarine ring first appeared on Princess Diana’s finger in the late nineties when Princess Diana commissioned Asprey’s to create it using a stone that had been gifted to her by her good friend, Lucia Flecha de Lima.

“It was a replacement engagement ring following her divorce from Prince Charles. It is thought the stone came from the famous Minas Gerais mines in Brazil.

“Flanked by trapeze cut diamonds, a mixture of a yellow gold band, and a white gold mount, the emerald cut aquamarine is estimated at 30cts, and as with most high-quality aquamarines, it is clean and has strong and even colouration.”

According to the Alexandra, the ring could be worth a staggering six-figure sum.

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