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Pawnbroker loans against: Art Watches Gold Jewellery antiques Cars Logbooks Wine Handbags Cherished Plates

How it works

Step 1> Call Now

Step 1> Call Now

Sell or loan against your items right away by calling one of our trusted Prestige Pawnbrokers evaluators.


Call freephone on 0800 917 6894 we can assess your assets over the phone immediately giving you a cash price or loan offer based on their underlying value.

Step 2> Agree Loan

Step 2> Agree Loan

Prestige Pawnbrokers can instantly offer you a loan based on your item’s highest market value. Alternatively you can sell your items for instant cash.


We are an established business and can offer instant cash for your goods, we are gold buyers and pawnbrokers.

Step 3> Get Cash

Step 3> Get Cash

Once Prestige Pawnbrokers are in receipt of your items we instantly pay you in cash or if you prefer bank transfer.


It really is one of the easiest ways within the current economic conditions to raise cash or secure a loan discreetly, promptly and efficiently.


The Details

Your items will remain in storage with Prestige Pawnbrokers under secure conditions, until the loan is repaid. Once the loan has been repaid in full, it will be returned to you unconditionally and free of charge.


There are no monthly payments. There is nothing to pay until the end of the loan term.


The loan contract is for seven months, but the interest is calculated for the period the loan is outstanding.  At Prestige Pawnbrokers, you may redeem your goods at anytime from Day 1 to Month 7; borrow the cash for as long as you need.


You may renew the loan for a further seven months at the end of the contract by paying the interest due and entering into a new seven month contract.


Prestige Pawnbrokers accepts most forms of payment when you pay back the loan. These include bank transfers or cash.


“Prestige Pawnbrokers offers immediate cash loans based on your item’s highest market value. We are a trusted long established high street Pawnbroker.”



Call Prestige Pawnbrokers


Receive an instant loan against your valuables today.


Call us free in confidence on: 0800 917 6894 Now!

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