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Cash for Gold in Shepperton

Cash for Gold in SheppertonSell your unwanted or scrap gold and get cash today.

Prestige Pawnbrokers Surrey will buy your gold in Shepperton. Sell your gold and silver jewellery or other items of precious metals. Top prices paid for selling gold in Shepperton.


As a trusted, well established business and gold buyer in Shepperton, we offer up to three times more cash than other gold buyers and pawnbrokers.


We are based in Weybridge so getting a cash for gold in Shepperton is very convenient. Simply come and visit our local retail outlet in Weybridge where our experts will weigh and test your gold. It really is one of the easiest ways within the current economic conditions to raise funds, promptly and efficiently and remember we pay up to three times more than other gold buyers.


FAQ for Cashing in my Gold in Shepperton


Can I get cash for my gold in Shepperton?

Can I get cash for my gold in Shepperton?

We are locally based in Weybridge so you can come and visit us and get cash for your gold same day. If you would like to call us before and discuss what you would like to sell you can call us on 01932 859880.

I want to sell my gold in Shepperton what do you buy?

I want to sell my gold in Shepperton what do you buy?

We buy your: Gold Chains • Gold necklaces • Gold Bangles • Gold Bracelets • Gold Rings • Gold Earrings • Gold Lockets • Gold Pendants • Gold Charms • Gold Cufflinks • Gold Brooches • Gold Watches • Gold Coins • Gold Collectables • Broken or damaged Gold Jewellery • Gold Ingots

Who are cash4gold?

Who are cash4gold?

Cash4gold are based in Sheffield operating from secure processing sites since July 2009. It works by you posting your gold to them which they insure up to £500, after which they recommend you take out extra insurance. When you need cash for gold with us you don’t need to worry about postage or insurance as you can come and bring your gold to us in person and get cash there and then.


As a trusted, long established local high street pawnbrokers, we offer up to three times more cash for gold in Shepperton.

Cash for Gold in Shepperton.


Our highly experienced team of valuers are expert in the appraisal of all types of gold and jewellery. We have a vast knowledge in the current market values we will instantly pay you in cash or pay you via other pre-arranged method.


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Get an instant cash for gold in Shepperton today


Call us free in confidence on: 01932 859880


Alternatively come and see us in Weybridge our office hours are listed on the right, with late opening on Thursday and now open Saturdays.


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