When you think of celebrities, business tycoons and other well-heeled individuals, your imagination automatically flickers to luxurious houses, designer wardrobes, exotic holidays, private jets and seemingly infinite bank accounts. While the first four may be true, the reality is that a never-ending supply of cash just isn’t available to the majority of affluent individuals.
That said, this doesn’t stop them from spending up big, even when they don’t necessarily have a whole lot of disposable money at their fingertips. Whether they’re waiting on a lucrative pay check, in the middle of closing a profitable business deal or in the process of selling multi-million pound property, cash can often be hard to come by. So how do they continue to fund their lavish lifestyles?
Cash poor, asset rich
Often, personal loans taken out against valuable assets are the solution. Plenty of people that live the high life are high on assets yet low on disposable cash. Some people are under the impression that this means that in order to access their wealth they need to sell their assets. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With businesses such as Prestige Pawnbrokers, asset affluent individuals can take out personal loans backed by a myriad of different material goods.
From seriously pricey luxury cars, private helicopters and sailboats to smaller scale items such as diamond jewellery, designer handbags and fine wine collections, more or less any valuable asset can be turned into cold hard cash.
Fast cash
When it comes to securing cash, the rich and famous aren’t generally in a position to wait around. Whether it’s paying off a lofty credit card bill, putting down a deposit on a brand new fashion fix, purchasing an engagement ring for a long-time lover, snapping up an unmissable vintage car, throwing a lavish party or funding any other expense, personal loans are easy and instant.
And the best thing about working with Prestige Pawnbrokers is that you’ll receive quotes based on your item’s highest market value. Alternatively, you can also choose to part with your items permanently and sell them for interest free cash that you get to keep.
Total discretion
Cash strapped well-to-doers can rest assured that all personal loans are 100% safe, secure and discreet. All agreements are confidential which means that no one will ever know that a personal loan was used to fund their latest purchase.
Want to find out if your possessions could be cashed in for a personal loan? Get in touch with the Prestige Pawnbrokers team today.