In what can only be described as a groundbreaking year for concerts, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour became the first in history to gross over 1 billion Dollars from ticket sales alone in 2023. Previously, Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour was the highest-grossing tour of all time, grossing about $939 million from 328 tours. This record was smashed from just 60 of Swift’s shows last year, and by the end of 2024, this is expected to have doubled to a staggering 2.165 billion Dollars.

Like any pop culture greats – Taylor’s fans, affectionately known as the Swifties will fly across the world to attend one of her concerts. So, it is no surprise that concerts hit maximum capacity and bring in huge numbers for Swift and her entourage. Flying from LA to Paris to see your favourite pop star is no cheap feat, with some fans spending as much as £4000 on travel, tickets upgrade packages and memorabilia. So, with so much money and effort in the mix, how much can you expect to make from Swift memorabilia?

Merchandise for the Eras Tour has already hit 500 million dollars, selling over 100,000 items online in a single day during the Asian leg of the tour alone. Previous tours have seen Swifties offering others the chance to own a part of history by successfully selling on-tour memorabilia such as a ‘VIP Box Lanyard and Patch’ for £180 plus £20 postage or ‘Bejewelled Midnights Eras Bracelet’ for £70 plus £15 postage. A signed ‘Midnights CD Framed & COA Autograph Music Memorabilia Poster’ also sold for £350 on eBay. On the upper end of the spectrum, more unusual pieces such as a handwritten cookie recipe by Swift is listed at $100,000 on eBay. However, as always sold date versus what people are asking for can vary dramatically.  A client did bring in some signed Swift memorabilia and they were really surprised to learn that their goods were not worth as much as they were looking for. At, some point in the future, Swift’s signature may be able to match the current top signatures of the Beatles whose most expensive vinyl sold for $290,500 however, for now, the most valuable Swift memorabilia ever sold was an autographed full-sized Fender guitar which sold for $13,000 and a signed 2011 Peter Max ‘Fearless’ Poster for $11,600.

Key drivers of value for memorabilia are rarity, demand, condition, and noteworthy items. Swift remains at the top of her game, and while she is still touring heavily and actively signing memorabilia her items have not quite reached the rarity of other celebrities’ memorabilia who have reached an almost mythical and legendary status. A pair of Nike Air Jordans 1s worn by Michael Jordan in 1985 and signed by the player sold for a staggering $560,000 in 2020. Kim Kardashian paid a mammoth $65,625 for a velvet jacket worn by Michael Jackson, for her daughter North who was six years old at the time of purchase. Kim also bought the lucky North, Michael Jackson’s Fedora from ‘Smooth Criminal’ for an equally impressive $56,250. This suggests that if you can get your hands on a piece of Swift’s wardrobe you may have a prize on your hands in the long run providing it’s kept in mint condition and Swift’s popularity does not take a nosedive. For example, in Kanye West’s own words, he saw his net worth plummet by $2 billion due to making anti-Semitic remarks in 2020, which saw him dropped by Balenciaga, Addidas, his talent agency, and his bank JP Morgan. Celebrities can lose it all when scandal hits.

Celebrities walk a tight line of trying to avoid controversy while living under the very magnifying glass that brings them their wealth. Comebacks are possible, but there is a real risk that one remains marked by scandal indefinitely, a permanent question mark over one’s character. With that said Swift seems far removed from any great controversy and is consistently seen to be looking after others, further fuelling goodwill towards the pop star. In July 2023, she donated meals to over 500,000 people in Silicon Valley Food Bank, and 125,000 meals to the Tampa Food Bank. This is not new. In 2011 she donated more than $70,000 worth of books to the Reading Public Library in Reading, Pennsylvania, and $50,000 to New York Public Schools in 2015. Providing she remains a superstar and continues to foster positive sentiment it may be worth holding on to goods, the more noteworthy the good and unlikely you are to come by something the better, a key piece of fashion Swift wears in a famous press image or in a popular concert will likely go down a treat in the future. For example, the Chiefs Kelce Jersey in which Kelce won his 3rd Super Bowl and then hugged and kissed Swift before she signed his shirt could be worth up to $250,000 if it ever comes up for sale. As rarity grows and her star continues to shine, we should see some hefty prices being dealt in the future.