James Constantinou with designer handbags in backgroundOur founder and company director talks to the The Mirror newspaper about the rise in restaurant and bar owners turning to pawning in order to help pay the bills.

James comments that one of his clients is a man who runs 17 restaurants who is “facing record levels of staffing pay. “He says to me; ‘I just can’t find the staff and when I do find them, I’ve got to pay the earth and it’s really eaten into my margins.’ And what with the fuel bills as well, he’s been kicked in the teeth from every angle.

“He’s struggling to get people to work, he’s struggling to meet demands of their pay and with the cost of living and fuel crisis he’s paying another 60 per cent on top to run his restaurants.” James also says he’s also hearing people saying it’s “impossible” to get money out of the bank and can take months.” As a result, he said: “We are seeing clients considering parting with items with great sentimental value.”

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