We at Prestige Pawnbrokers pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all our clients, whether you’re looking to sell or require a small loan to a million pound pawn. All types of luxury assets such as jewellery, watches, luxury cars, cherished plates, art, handbags, antiques, wine and much more can be used in order to secure a loan.

Being well respected market leaders in the industry, we are competent and more than able to facilitate million pound pawn loans ensuring our clients are serviced in a professional manner.

Our highly experienced teams are not only knowledgeable but are able to provide valuations with speed and efficiency.

If your needs are time sensitive and you require a cash transaction, we handle the loan or sale discreetly and generally, we can present you with cash the same day. If you are unavailable to visit one of our stores, we can transact electronically any amount from relatively small pawn loans to million pound pawn loans.

Prestige Pawnbrokers are a long established high street lender. Following the success of the long running channel 4 TV show “Posh Pawn”, where million pound pawn deals were regularly featured, the company have gone from strength to strength and are now highly regarded as the aficionados when it comes to dealing with million pound assets. Whether it be an item of jewellery, a car, fine art, luxury handbags, watches or rare collectibles, we are considered the go-to lenders in getting you the best deal in the market.

We have a wealth of experience at our disposal and our knowledge is unrivalled, having dealt with numerous private collections across all asset classes for individuals wishing to raise cash. Many of our deals are finalised immediately to ensure client needs are met. Clients wishing to raise millions of pounds using luxury assets as collateral find our non-invasive, hassle free service not only refreshingly straightforward but, for short term borrowing, highly competitive – even compared to high street banks – with no set up fees, early redemption penalties or insurance fees.

If you are interested in securing a million pound pawn loan, or want to simply sell your luxury assets, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

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Headed up by founder James Constantinou, with a quirky team of asset experts from salt-of-the-earth jewellery expert Lawrence and feisty PA Jo, Prestige is a premier pawnbrokers for people who want fast cash across the UK, pawning everything from million-pound helicopters to Lamborghinis and £25,000 Hermes designer handbags

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