James ConstantinouOur very own James Constantinou comments in The Sun on Meghan Markle is rocking over £650k worth of Princess Diana’s jewellery from a Cartier watch to that Aquamarine Ring.

James comments

“Diana’s Cartier small Tank Francaise in 18ct yellow gold, on matching bracelet, is a classic and timeless watch, as well as a functional piece of jewellery.  Diana also owned a rounder Tank Louis, but stopped wearing it in the early 80s.”

James revealed its value has skyrocketed, as she said: “The connection to a well known admired public figure usually brings a premium in terms of values.

“There is currently much interest around Diana and this coupled with the downturn in usual commodities will bring savvy investors to the auction rooms, this will inevitably drive the price north.

“I would estimate the watch to fetch in excess of £500,000.”

Read the full article here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/13025041/meghan-markle-princess-diana-jewellery-worth-collection-650-watch-ring/